Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Wow Newsletter

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Church School Inspection

We are very pleased with the outcome of last month's church school (SIAMs) inspection. This was led by Graham Lancaster who is an ex-headteacher and Lead Strategic Commissioner for North Essex as well as being an accredited Ofsted inspector.  Mr Lancaster spent a day in school in which he talked to children, parents, staff and governors, attended collective worship, and observed Beliefs and Values (RE) lessons.

The report has now been published and I am delighted to say that the school was judged to be ‘good’. We are proud of the many very positive statements in the report which capture the warmth and care shown towards all within the school:

‘[The school’s] Christian ethos is demonstrated in its inclusivity and the care shown to those in particular need.’  
‘Relationships between all members of the school community are very positive, based on high levels of respect for one another.’
‘Behaviour is exemplary’
‘Pupils are thoughtful and articulate. They and their parents are proud of their school and confident in its leadership.’

The report suggests that we further develop collective worship and ensure that its themes are fully embedded in the school and that we extend opportunities for spirituality through the creation of reflective spaces in the school.

Friday, 2 December 2016


Sycamore Class (Y3 & 4) had great fun this week during science! They replicated food's journey through the digestive system, mashing it up and adding water (the mouth), squeezing it thought a piping bag (the oesophagus), churning it up in a plastic bag (the stomach) and adding 'bile' and 'pancreatic secretions', before passing through some tights (the small and large intestines).