Tuesday, 15 November 2016

World Diabetes Day

Izzy in Year 6 has diabetes which she copes with amazingly well. It doesn't stop her doing what she wants to do, including being a champion cyclist! With her friend Lucy, she organised an event at school to raise awareness and money for World Diabetes Day yesterday. Children came to school in their PJs or onesies and everyone did some exercise together to encourage healthy lifestyles. A total of £61 was raised. Well done Lucy and Izzy! 

The day was featured in the local paper!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Remembrance Service

The Ethos Committee led a very moving Remembrance Service this morning. The theme was children affected by war, particularly those who become refugees. All the children came with no shoes on to symbolise how many refugees flee their homes without shoes or with shoes that they lose or break.

 Each class took part. Lime Class children recited a poem about poppies and showed some poppies they had made:
Sycamore Class told the rest of the school about the Kindertransport in the second world war. Some children made a live version of the sculpture at Liverpool Street Station. Other children were chosen to gently touch them, making them say how they were feeling:
Chestnut Class children then led a time of reflection by showing outline pictures of houses with all the possessions they had and loved. These were then put in a shredder to symbolise how children fleeing war zones often have to leave their possessions behind.
Speaking to children afterwards, many had found it incredibly moving and several said they were close to tears. They were certainly very quiet and subdued when they left the room to go back to class.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Islamic Visitor

Sycamore Class welcomed Parul Jalal to their class today to follow up the work they have been doing in Beliefs and Values (formally known as RE(!)) on Islam. They had an absolutely fascinating hour and a half and learnt a huge amount.

We were bursting with pride when Parul, who visits lots of schools, said they knew more about Islam than any children she had talked to before and was amazed at the questions they asked.