Sunday, 4 October 2015

Science Day

At Wetheringsett last week, we were host to children from several local schools who took part in a full day of science activities. This is James's and Will's account of the activities:

On Tuesday 29th September, there was a Science Day at Wetheringsett Primary School. We were split into 3 groups (red, blue and green). The first activity was filtering water. First we had to shake up the swamp water, then we had to swap it into a different container and back again 10 times. Then we put a chemical into the water, stirred it for 5 minutes, and left it, keeping a record of our observations for 20 minutes. While we were waiting, we made a filter out of half a plastic bottle, some stones, sand and tissue.

The second activity was an Archimedes Screw, using a bottle, tube and water. We kept testing it for 20 minutes. The third and final activity was making a house of of straw, wood, boxes and tin foil. We got a watering can and flooded it.

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