Friday, 19 June 2015

Year 6 Farm Visit

Our good friends from Creeting St Mary, who we met on the brilliant London trip, very kindly invited us to join them on their farm day. One of Creeting's pupils, Izzy, was the daughter of the gentleman who ran the farm. Izzy's father, Robert was very welcoming and was one of the main people who we owe our great day to.

As we started the day, we were invited to find a seat on the trailer of Robert's tractor. We were taken around the farm and introduced to farm life.

After our journey around the gigantic farm, we returned to the area in which we set off. A man stood next to the tractor. He explained how technology has evolved on the farm and we were introduced to some of the farm's most recent technology such as drones.

Next we headed to the barn in which we were welcomed by a lovely bee keeper who talk to about, guess what, bees! After the shockingly interesting talk about bees we were finally welcomed to a most wanted lunch.

After that we saw where owls were being kept, the farm's pond, the farm's borrowed cows and their very own pigs, sheep and chickens. After all of that, our day at the farm was unfortunately over. We are extremely grateful for Creeting St Mary inviting us to their pupils' farm and for Robert arranging the whole thing for us!

By Daniel Sparkes

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