Monday, 22 June 2015

Swimming Gala

We were so proud of our swimming team at the swimming gala today. They showed excellent sportsmanship, representing the school brilliantly. They were placed fifth out of ten overall and William won a bronze!

This is Taya and Mia's account of the morning.
    The Swimming Gala 2015

On Monday the 22nd of June , 8 swimmers from Wetheringsett Primary School all swam for the school in the Swimming Gala .

It was held at Diss Leisure Centre and 10 schools attended. In all of our races we were in heat 2.

Boys and girl races where at different times.

William Brown and Scarlett Webb
Daniel Sparkes and Mia Webb
Free style
Dennis Dowsett and Ellie Jaynes

Taya and Jermaine didn’t take part in any races but they did join in in the Medley.The Medley is a relay race but each person out of four has to do a different stroke and there is nothing to pass between them.
        The children enjoyed themselves so much and hope to       
              Do it again soon . We came 5/10 overall.

Written by Mia Webb and Taya Dowsett

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