Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Forest School Today

I had a lovely time visiting Reception and KS1's Forest School session in the sunshine this afternoon. The children were amazed at how much the Whispering Wood had changed since before Easter, particularly with the bracken beginning to grow. Imogen described it as 'like a jungle' and promptly lay down to show me how soft it was.
Fraser and Ollie performed for me in the music area.

Alfie was up in the high ropes.
Christopher showed me how his grippy trainers helped him to climb trees without slipping.
Elsa and Katie made animals out of pine cones and other found materials.
Katie's bat
Elsa's rabbit
Sophie was making rafts with Bethany, Bryn and Jack and planned to make an animal to go on it before testing to see if it would float.

It is nearly a year since our first Forest School sessions started and it is wonderful to see how it has developed in this time. The site itself has been transformed and the children have grown so much in their confidence,their creativity, their risk-taking and the way they collaborate with each other, as well as the care and respect they show for the site. Staff have also recently noticed the positive impact Forest School has had on break times too with children using our garden in a very different way to how they did just a few months ago  in the kind of play they do and the ways they work collaboratively with each other. We are very lucky to have Mrs Hammond (aka Kelly Koala) and our Forest School.

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  1. How wonderful to see what a positive effect the Forest School is having on the children and their play. I wish all schools did this. What lucky children!