Friday, 27 February 2015

Dr Dan Poulter MP

Emily and Rubyanna have written this account of this morning's visit from our MP.

Our MP, Dr Dan Poulter visited us this morning. This was because was had visited the Houses of Parliament on our recent London trip, but Dr Poulter had been called into the house so was not able to meet us then.

We had a wonderful time talking and asking questions with him. Here are some of the answers we had.

Mia: what sort of meetings do you get called to?  
  Things that include health and anything about Suffolk.

George: Do you think wars solve anything ?
Wars are never a good thing , people die ,habitats are destroyed as well as buildings being ruined.

Emily: what is your favourite food?
My favourite food is sunday roast ,salads and McDonalds.

Josh: Whats the worst thing that has ever happened to one of your patients?
The worst  thing that has ever happened to one of my patients was a lady had a baby and it was born with no heartbeat. Earlier that day the baby was fine but was dead when it was born.

Ellie: What did you do before were a MP?
A maternity doctor.

Rubyanna: Has the Queen ever gone in your office?
No I haven’t even met the Queen!!!!

Rubyanna/Dennis:Do you work everyday?
Yes mostly I work 6 days a week!!!

We hope we will see him again soon.

Human Bar Graph!

Lime Class have been learning how to show and interpret information in bar graphs and made themselves into a human one this morning! Elsa and Emily were the axes and the other children were the columns!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Safety Week

This week has been Safety Week. Children have been learning about different ways to keep safe from road safety, to internet safety and being safe around dogs. We have run e-safety Learning Together sessions where parents have come in to work alongside their children to learn how to keep safe online. The feedback from this has been incredibly positive with many  parents going straight home and changing their privacy and parental control settings!