Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sports Night Recounts

Year 2 have written these recounts of Sports Night for the website:

Sports Night    by Georgina   
   On 4th July it was Sports Evening and parents came to watch us take part in lots of sporty activities.
We sat in our colour groups and then did lots of different activities, which meant things like football, sack race and 3-legged race. It was great fun! Elsa broke the bell but it was soon fixed. Phew!
After that, just before the proper races, the toddlers did a toddler race! Then we did races for every year group. There were girls and boys races.
Then Mrs Doherty added up the scores and gave the trophy to the winning team which was Orange Team. An orange ribbon was tied to the trophy which will stay there for the rest of the year. Jools got a certificate for being a good team person.
It was a great night and afterwards there was a cake stall and a barbeque. We were all tired when we got home I even fell asleep in the car!

Sports Night by Daniel, Liam, Ben and Felix

Last Friday it was Sports Night. The mums and dads came to watch us take part in lots of sports activities. The weather was really hot but there was a cool breeze.(Daniel)
First we sat on our mats and sat with our team mates and listened and sat nicely. Everyone wore coloured t-shirts to match their team. (Ben)
After that it was the egg and spoon race (or actually the potato and spoon race!) and other activities like a football race and a beanbag race too. Elsa rang the bell then we moved to another activity Elsa broke the bell but luckily someone fixed it! My favourite activity was the football because I scored lots of goals. .(Liam)
When the races began, it was very noisy! The first race was the toddler race. Then everybody else raced. (Felix)
When the races had finished, we sat down. Mrs Doherty gave the trophy to the orange team and Jools got a certificate because he was a good leader.(Daniel)
It was a great time, but we were all tired when we got home! (Liam)

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