Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Story Circle

Today, in the glorious spring sunshine, the children discovered a wonderful surprise in the garden. Yesterday, Sarah (a parent and governor) and her dad had worked incredibly hard all day and created this wonderful story circle:
 They couldn't wait to use it and all break time and lunchtime, children sat on the tree stumps listening to various other children telling stories. They loved being in the storytelling chair (which Sarah had actually made!).

Sarah and Eddie had been extremely busy and had also sorted out our raised beds, ready for planting ...
... as well as creating a stepping stone path out of logs.
... emptying the compost bins and moving many barrows full of gravel to top up the paths.

After many months of hard work from various parents, especially Shaun Easter and Rick Lewis, and kindly supported by a generous donation from the Friends of the school,  the garden is beginning to come together as a very special place to learn and play in.

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